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CALF offers you complete products characterized by certified quality and huge reliability.
  • The project: the first tool used to judge feasibility and functionality.
  • The prototype: a reality that allows the most complete functional evaluation of a project.
  • The product: mass production of machine parts, components, groups, machines and complete lines.
  • The spare parts: always close to our Clients for every need, all along.
  • The quality: always present in all our products and processes, from design to after-sales service.
It was founded in 1996, in our offices of Ostuni. It aims to guarantee products and services to our Clients on the territory.
MG always helps you during the engineering stages of the product - from design to feasibility study - always using the most modern IT tools. A team with a profound experience, highly qualified and prepared, made of:
  • Engineeres to coordinate and think about the solution and realization of your projects.
  • Designers to develop and make your ideas actually happen using the proper tools.
This department works for the construction of complete lines for serigraphy and offset printing on aluminium and plastic containers.
  • Serigraphy and offset printing machines.
  • Coating and multi-function machines.
  • Mechanical loaders and orientation machines.
  • Curing ovens, accumulator machines, washing machines.
EMMEPPI wants to be a reliable reference to Clients who ask for high quality products, delivered according to the terms and deadlines agreed and meeting your requirements.
  • Supply of automatic machines according to the Client's project.
  • Building of mechanical components and groups.
  • Continuous gathering device of rayon.
  • Design and building of rayon weaving machines.
SINTEC completely supports you with innovative technical solutions, implementation of new projects and design planning. It is your partner for: technical manuals, axonometric projections, spare parts management software, interactive technical communication, etc.


The complexity of modern times requires foreseeing and supplying according to huge flexibility, quality, professional skills, as well as really quick times, so we think that the synergy of a business network at a national level is the only way to guarantee the achievement of the final goal: business growth and Client's maximum satisfaction.